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Vegas crime city给你一个真正的维加斯街。 在维加斯犯罪城市,你会扮演一个流氓黑社会,在维加斯城推进。 按照任务线,逃避警察,抢劫商人。 拉斯维加斯犯罪城市将有趣的,枪杀的街头犯罪放在你的手机里,这是一个自由游戏,你可以在你的游戏中做任何事情,甚至在你看到的街上玩老虎机游戏机。 你可以在这个城市的任何一辆汽车或电机上,偷汽车,逃避警察,通过街道赛车。 你能完成所有的任务吗? 杀死,揉搓,偷走,摧毁事物。 做你在现实生活中不能做的任何事情。 射击你的敌人,在这场盛大的比赛中做更多的事情。
– 3D图形和特效。
– 乘坐小偷模拟器。
– 大量地图与十几个不同的任务。
– 多种武器。
– 沙滩,伟大的建筑,最好的旅游城市之一等待你加入游戏。

《Vegas crime city》 brings you a real street of vegas. In vegas crime city you will play a gangster, advance in vegas city. Follow the mission line, evading cops, robbed businessman. Vegas crime city puts the intriguing, gunplay, street crimes in your phone, This is an freedom game, that you can do anything in your game, even play slot games console in street you see. You can tackle any car or motor in this city, Stealing auto cars, evading cops, racing through streets. Can you complete all the tasks? Killing, rubbing, stealing, destroying things. Do anything you can not do in your real life. Shoot your enemies down and do much more in this grand game.
Game Features:
-Rich 3D graphics and special effects.
-Exciting car thief simulator.
-Large map with a dozen of different quests.
-Multiple weapons.
Sand beaches, great architecture, one of the best tourist city is waiting for you to join the game.

vegas crime city APP下载vgas crime cityAPP下载

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