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Facebook Messenger is the complete communication platform from Facebook from which you are able to chat, call, video call and share practically anything

Over time, it has been incorporating functions and new features that have made it a very interesting application that has left behind the classic concept of sending text messages: video and audio calls, sending multimedia files, creating groups, sharing videos in streaming…

Main features

  • Sending individual or group messages. In addition to text, it allows you to express yourself better through stickers, gifs, emoticons, and reactions.
  • Free voice and video calls via VoIP protocol with high-quality audio and video and interactive features such as masks or filters.
  • Includes a temporary mode so that read messages disappear when leaving the chat.
  • Chats are fully customizable with different themes and colors.
  • The Watch together option allows users to get together to watch videos, movies or TV shows at the same time from a Messenger room.
  • Video chat rooms can be created with no time limit and a limit of 50 people.
  • Voice messages can be recorded and sent if text is not enough.
  • The system allows you to make plans between friends easily through polls, suggesting meeting points or sharing locations.
  • Allows direct contact with businesses to make reservations or access customer service.
  • In addition to all Messenger messages, the app can integrate SMS service.
  • The user can create shortcuts to conversations and groups with which he/she interacts the most.
  • Notifications can be deactivated during certain periods of time, such as study, work or sleep schedules, for example.
  • Photos and videos can be taken directly from the app and shared in conversations.
  • Privacy settings allow you to choose who can contact the user and where to receive messages.
  • Allows connecting with Instagram users by username.
  • Includes a dark mode to rest your eyes.



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