Erchange F12B Privacy Policy

APP privacy Issues

User Service Agreement:

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is an agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) and Shenzhen Zhuolimi Electronics Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhuolimi”) regarding the use of Erchang F12B products. Before you start using Erchang F12B, please be sure to read this agreement carefully (minors should be accompanied by a guardian to read it) and fully understand this Agreement, in particular with regard to the exclusion or limitation of liability. Unless you accept this Agreement in full, you are not entitled to use the ERCHANG F12B APP Products. If you are able to use Erchang F12B Products, you are deemed to have fully understood this Agreement and agree to be bound by it as a party to this Agreement.

Scope of agreement
1.1 This Agreement sets forth the rights and obligations between Zolimi and the User in connection with the use of Erchang F12B.

1.2 Zhuolimi means Shenzhen Zhuolimi Electronics Co., LTD.

1.3 User means any person who obtains and uses the Erchang F12B Products in a lawful manner.

1.4Erchang F68 Product means a mobile client application labeled Erchang F68 legally owned and operated by Jolimi.

Applicable to Erchang F12B products
2.1 The User may download the Erchang F12B software program from legal channels to the terminal equipment that he legally owns, but the User shall not adapt, copy or trade the Erchang F12B software program in any form unless authorized.

2.2 Once the user opens Erchang F12B in his terminal device, the Erchang F12B product is deemed to be used. To fully realize the full functionality of the Erchang F12B, users may need to network their terminal devices.

2.3Erchang F12B Authorized users have the right to permanently, non-transferable, non-exclusive and non-commercial use of Erchang F12B within the People’s Republic of China, but the right is non-transferable, Erchang F12B APP also reserves the right to withdraw the license under any necessary circumstances.

2.4 You do not need to sign in to start using the ERCHANG F12B APP product. However, some features and certain individual services may require you to sign in before you can use them. At this point, if the user wants to use these functions or services, he or she should complete registration and log in as a registered user.

About account
3.1 Erchang F12B APP provides a registration channel for users, users have the right to choose a legal character combination as their account, and set their own password that meets the security requirements. The account and password set by the user are the credentials used by the user to log in to the Erchang F12B APP and use the product or receive the service as a registered user.

3.2 Your registered account in the Erchang F12B APP is for your own use only and is not allowed to be donated, borrowed, rented or sold. If it is discovered or has reason to suspect that the user is not the original registrant of the account, it has the right to suspend or terminate the service provided to the registered account without notice, and has the right to cancel the account without taking legal responsibility to the user who registered the account. The resulting losses, including but not limited to user communication interruption, user data and information, etc. shall be borne by the user.

3.3 The User is responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of the personal account and password, and the user is fully responsible for all activities carried out in the name of his registered account, including the modification of user data, comments made and other operations on the Erchang F12B APP client. Therefore, users should attach great importance to the confidentiality of their account and password, and immediately notify Zhuolimi in case of unauthorized use of their account or any other security breach. However, no matter what the reason for password leakage, should be borne by the user.

3.4 If the user account loses or forgets the password, the user can appeal to retrieve the account in time according to the appeal channel of Erchang F12B APP. The user should provide personal password protection to increase the security of the account. Users can use the initial registration information and personal password protection information to fill in the appeal one-way Erchang F12B APP to apply for account recovery. The password recovery mechanism of Erchang F12B APP is only responsible for identifying the correctness of the information filled in the appeal form and the information recorded in the system, but cannot identify whether the complainant is a real person with the right to use the account. Jolimi does not assume any responsibility for any loss caused by the user being falsely claimed by others. The user knows that the responsibility for the custody of the account and password lies with the user. Jolimi does not promise that the user will be able to recover the account through appeals after the account is lost or the password is forgotten.

3.5 The user shall ensure the authenticity of the identity information filled in when registering an account. The user shall bear the responsibility for any illegal, untrue or inaccurate user information. The user shall constantly update the registration information to meet the requirements of timely, detailed, true and accurate. All originally typed data will be referenced as the user’s account registration data. If the user’s registration information is not true caused by the problem, and the consequences of the problem, Zhulimei will not be responsible. If the information provided by the user is inaccurate, untrue or illegal, or if the Company has reason to suspect that the information is wrong, untrue or illegal, or if the company publishes advertisements, non-serious content or irrelevant information in the personal information, the Company has the right to suspend or terminate the service provided to the user and cancel the account. The User is denied current and future use of the Erchang F12B APP Products, in whole or in any part. All losses arising therefrom shall be borne by the user.

3.6 In addition to registering an Erchang F12B APP account by itself, users can also choose to use their legitimate Sina Weibo, Tencent QQ and Tencent wechat accounts to register and log in to Erchang F12B APP through the account management background of Erchang F12B APP. When the user registers with the above existing account, the relevant provisions of the account in this Agreement shall also apply.

Legality requirements of user behavior
4.1 Users shall comply with the laws of the People’s Republic of China when using the products of Erchang F12B APP. Users shall not use the service products of Jolimi to engage in the above laws, regulations, policies and infringe on the legitimate rights of others.

4.2 You may not use any plug-in, plug-in or third party tool that is not authorized or permitted by Jolimi to interfere with, destroy, modify or otherwise affect the normal operation of the Erchang F12B APP products.

4.3 You shall not use or target the Erchang F12B APP Products for any action that jeopardizes the security of computer networks, including but not limited to: using unauthorized data or accessing unauthorized servers/accounts; Enter the public computer network or other computer systems without permission and delete, modify or add stored information; Without permission, attempts to probe, scan, test the weaknesses of the Erchang F68 APP product system or network or other conduct that undermines network security; Attempts to interfere with or destroy the normal operation of Erchang F12B APP product systems or websites, intentionally spread malicious programs or viruses, and other acts that disrupt normal network information services; Forge TCP/IP packet names or partial names.

4.4 You are not allowed to conduct any commercial activities such as advertising and selling goods in the Erchang F12B APP without the permission of Zhuolimi.

4.5 In any case, if the Company has reason to believe that any conduct of the User violates or may violate the above agreement, the Company may terminate the provision of services to the User at any time without any prior notice.

Protection of user’s personal information
5.2 In the process of registering an account or using the Service, you may need to fill in some necessary information. If the national laws and regulations have special provisions, you need to fill in the real identity information. If your information is incomplete, you may not be able to use the Service or may be restricted in your use.

5.2 Under normal circumstances, you can browse and modify the information you submit at any time, but for security and identification reasons (such as number appeal service), you may not be able to modify the initial registration information and other verification information provided when registering.

5.3 Zolimi will use various security technologies and procedures to establish a sound management system to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. However, users also understand that the openness of the Internet and the rapid technological update, non-control factors lead to the leakage of user information, Zhulimei does not assume responsibility.

5.4 Without your consent, Jolimi will not disclose your personal information to any company, organization or individual outside Jolimi, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.

5.5 Jolimi attaches great importance to the protection of minors’ personal information. If parents (guardians) want minors (especially children under the age of 10) to use the services provided by Erchang F12B APP, they must apply for registration in the name of the parents (guardians), and they should judge whether the services are suitable for minors in their legal guardian capacity. Zolimi undertakes not to disclose or provide to third parties the user registration information and the non-public content and information stored in the Erchang F12B APP platform, server or database when the user uses the network services, except in the following cases:

1) Obtain the explicit authorization of the user in advance;

2) According to relevant laws and regulations;

3) In accordance with the requirements of relevant government departments and judicial authorities;

4) To safeguard the interests of the public;

5) To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Zhulimei.

5.6 Users should pay attention not to disclose important information such as their various property accounts, bank cards, credit cards, third-party payment accounts and corresponding passwords when using Erchang F12B APP, otherwise any loss caused by this will be borne by users themselves. Users should not post, upload or distribute information that they believe to be private through the Erchang F12B APP.

Change, interruption and termination of the service

6.1 You understand and agree that the Erchang F12B APP products and services provided by Jolimi are provided in accordance with current technology and conditions. Jiangzhuo Limei will do its best to provide you with services to ensure the continuity and security of services; However, we cannot anticipate and prevent legal, technical and other risks at any time, including but not limited to force majeure, viruses, trojans, hacker attacks, system instability, third-party service defects, government actions and other reasons that may cause service interruption, data loss and other losses and risks.

6.2 The User shall understand that in order to serve the needs of the overall operation, the Company has the right to modify, interrupt, suspend or terminate various services within the Erchang F12B APP products without prior notice to the user, without being responsible or liable for any compensation to the user or any third party.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 Without the consent of the relevant right holder, the user shall not reverse engineer, reverse assemble or reverse compile the relevant web pages, applications, software and other products involved in the products and services of Erchang F12B APP.

7.2 When users upload text, pictures, videos, software, performances and other user original information when using Erchang F12B APP products and services, this intellectual property rights belong to the user, but the user’s publishing and uploading behavior indicates that the information is not exclusive, permanent and transferable authorization to Zhuolimi. The above information may be used in the Erchang F12B APP, in other products of the company, or licensed by the company to its partners.

7.3 The User shall ensure that the text, pictures, videos, software, performances and other information uploaded when using the products and services of Erchang F12B APP do not infringe any third party intellectual property rights. Otherwise, Jolimi reserves the right to remove the infringing information without any liability. If the third party claims the rights, the user shall bear the responsibility and guarantee that Jolimi will not suffer any loss as a result.

8. Statement of legal responsibility

8.1 The Company is not responsible for the truth, accuracy and completeness of any information, content or advertising of others obtained from this website (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Information”). If any unit or individual conducts any behavior through the above “information”, it shall identify the authenticity and carefully prevent risks, otherwise, regardless of the reason, Zhuolimi shall not bear any direct, indirect, incidental or derivative losses and liabilities for any transactions and (or) behaviors not directly related to this website.

8.2 Zorime does not warrant (including but not limited to) that:

(1) Zolimi is fully suitable for the user’s requirements;

(2) No interference, timely, safe, reliable or error-free; Any products, services or other materials obtained by the User through the Company meet the expectations of the User;

(3) Any errors in the software will be corrected.

8.3 The company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative or punitive damages for loss of profits, business reputation, data or other tangible or intangible losses caused by the following reasons

(1) The use or inability to use Zhulimei;

(2) No interference, timely, safe, reliable or error-free; Any products, services or other materials obtained by the User through the Company meet the expectations of the User;

(3) Any errors in the software will be corrected.

(4) Statements or actions made by any third party in the Service;

(5) Users purchase goods or services from third parties based on advertising information published in the Erchang F12B APP;

(6) Other matters related to Zolimi, except as expressly provided in this User Agreement.

9. Special agreements on individual services

9.1Erchang F12B APP products contain news content or news links obtained by Zhuolimi in various legal ways, as well as other individual services legally operated by Zhuolimi or its affiliates. Jolimi may from time to time increase, decrease or change the Settings of these special channels.

9.2 You can enable and use the above single service functions in the Erchang F12B APP. Some individual services may require you to also accept a user agreement, use agreement or other legal document that binds you and the service provider specifically for that service. Jolimi will provide these legal documents in a prominent manner for your review. However, once you start using the above services, you are also deemed to be bound by the relevant legal documents regarding the individual services.

X. Liability for breach of contract

The User’s violation of national laws and regulations or the provisions of this Agreement or the User’s infringement of any rights of others is derived from or causes any third party to file any claim against Jolimi




本《用户协议》(以下简称“本协议”)是您(以下也可以“用户”来指代您)与深圳市卓利美电子有限公司(以下简称“卓利美”)就使用Erchang F12B 产品所达成的协议。在您开始使用Erchang F12B 之前,请您务必认真阅读(未成年人应当在监护人陪同下阅读)并充分理解本协议,特别涉及是免除或者限制责任的条款。除非您完全接受本协议的全部内容,否则您无权使用ERCHANG F12B APP产品。若你能使用Erchang F12B 产品,则视为您已充分理解本协议并承诺作为协议的一方当事人接受协议的约束。

  • 协议适用范围

1.1本协议约定了卓利美和用户之间就使用Erchang F12B 事宜发生的权力义务关系。


1.3用户指任何以合法的方式获取和使用Erchang F12B 产品的人。

1.4Erchang F68产品指一款由卓利美合法拥有并运营的、标注名称为Erchang F68的移动客户端应用程序。

  • 适用Erchang F12B 产品

2.1用户可以从合法的渠道下载Erchang F12B 软件程序到其合法的拥有的终端设备中,但除非得到授权,否则,用户不得以任何形式改编、复制或交易Erchang F12B 软件程序。

2.2一旦用户在其终端设备中打开Erchang F12B ,即视为使用Erchang F12B 产品。为充分实现Erchang F12B 的全部功能,用户可能需要将其终端设备联网。

2.3Erchang F12B 授权用户拥有中华人民共和国境内永久地、不可转让地、非独占地和非商业性地使用Erchang F12B 的权利,但该权利不可转让,Erchang F12B APP也保留在任何必要情形下收回还授权的权利。

2.4您无需注册登录即可开始使用ERCHANG F12B APP产品。但某些功能和某些单项服务项目可能要求您必须注册登录后才能使用。此时,用户想要使用这些功能或者服务,则应当完成注册并以注册用户的身份登录。

  • 关于账号

3.1 Erchang F12B APP为用户提供了注册通道,用户在有权选择合法的字符组合作为自己的帐号,并自行设置符合安全要求的密码。用户设置的帐号、密码是用户用以登录Erchang F12B APP,并以注册用户身份使用产品或接受服务的凭证。

3.2 您在Erchang F12B APP中的注册账号仅限于您本人使用,禁止赠与、借用、出租或售卖。如果发现或者有理由怀疑使用者并非帐号初始注册人,则有权在未经通知的情况下,暂停或终止向该注册账号提供服务,并有权注销该帐号,而无需向注册该帐号的用户承担法律责任。由此带来的包括并不限于用户通讯中断、用户资料和信息等清空等损失由用户自行承担。

3.3 用户有责任维护个人帐号、密码的安全性与保密性,用户就以其注册帐号名义所从事的一切活动负全部责任,包括用户数据的修改、发表的言论以及其他在Erchang F12B APP客户端上的操作行为。因此,用户应高度重视对帐号与密码的保密,若发现他人未经许可使用其帐号或发生其他任何安全漏洞问题时立即通知卓利美。但无论因何种原因发生的密码泄露,均应由用户自行承担责任。

3.4 用户帐号在丢失或遗忘密码后,可遵照Erchang F12B APP的申诉途径及时申诉请求找回帐号。用户应提供能增加帐号安全性的个人密码保护资料。用户可以凭初始注册资料及个人密码保护资料填写申诉单向Erchang F12B APP申请找回帐号,Erchang F12B APP的密码找回机制仅负责识别申诉单上所填资料与系统记录资料的正确性,而无法识别申诉人是否系真正帐号有权使用人。对用户因被他人冒名申诉而致的任何损失,卓利美不承担任何责任,用户知晓帐号及密码保管责任在于用户,卓利美并不承诺帐号丢失或遗忘密码后用户一定能通过申诉找回帐号。

3.5 用户应保证注册帐号时填写的身份信息的真实性,任何由于非法、不真实、不准确的用户信息所产生的责任由用户承担。用户应不断更新注册资料,符合及时、详尽、真实、准确的要求。所有原始键入的资料将被引用为用户的帐号注册资料。如果因用户的注册信息不真实而引起的问题,以及对问题发生所带来的后果,卓利美不负任何责任。如果用户提供的信息不准确、不真实、不合法或者卓利美有理由怀疑为错误、不实或不合法的资料或在个人资料中发布广告、不严肃内容及无关信息,卓利美有权暂停或终止向用户提供服务,注销该帐号,并拒绝用户现在和未来使用Erchang F12B APP产品的全部或任何部分。因此产生的一切损失由用户自行承担。

3.6 除自行注册Erchang F12B APP帐号外,用户也可选择通过Erchang F12B APP的帐号管理后台,授权使用其合法拥有的新浪微博、腾讯QQ、腾讯微信的帐号注册并登录Erchang F12B APP。当用户以上述已有账号注册的,同样适用本协议中对账号的相关约定。

  • 用户行为的合法性要求

4.1 用户在使用Erchang F12B APP的产品时,应当遵守中华人民共和国的法律。用户不得利用卓利美服务产品从事上述法律法规、政策以及侵犯他人合法权利的行为。

4.2 您不得使用未经卓利美授权或许可的任何插件、外挂或第三方工具对Erchang F12B APP产品的正常运行进行干扰、破坏、修改或施加其他影响。

4.3 您不得利用或针对Erchang F12B APP产品进行任何危害计算机网络安全的行为,包括但不限于:使用未经许可的数据或进入未经许可的服务器/帐户;未经允许进入公众计算机网络或者他人计算机系统并删除、修改、增加存储信息;未经许可,企图探查、扫描、测试Erchang F68 APP产品系统或网络的弱点或其它实施破坏网络安全的行为;企图干涉、破坏Erchang F12B APP产品系统或网站的正常运行,故意传播恶意程序或病毒以及其他破坏干扰正常网络信息服务的行为;伪造TCP/IP数据包名称或部分名称。

4.4 未经卓利美许可,您不得在Erchang F12B APP中进行任何诸如发布广告、销售商品的商业行为。

4.5 在任何情况下,如果卓利美有理由认为用户的任何行为违反或可能违反上述约定的,卓利美可在任何时候不经任何事先通知终止向用户提供服务。

  • 用户个人信息保护





5.5卓利美非常重视对未成年人个人信息的保护。若父母(监护人)希望未成年人(尤其是十岁以下子女)得以使用Erchang F12B APP提供的服务,必须以父母(监护人)名义申请注册,并应以法定监护人身份对服务是否符合于未成年人加以判断。卓利美保证不对外公开或向第三方披露或提供用户注册资料及用户在使用网络服务时存储在Erchang F12B APP平台、服务器或数据库的非公开内容和信息,但下列情况除外:

1) 事先获得用户的明确授权;

2) 根据有关的法律法规要求;

3) 按照相关政府主管部门和司法机关的要求;

4) 为维护社会公众的利益;

5) 为维护卓利美的合法权益。

5.6请用户注意勿在使用Erchang F12B APP中透漏自己的各类财产账户、银行卡、信用卡、第三方支付账户及对应密码等重要资料,否则由此带来的任何损失由用户自己承担。用户不应将自认为隐私的信息通过Erchang F12B APP发表、上传或扩散。


6.1您理解并同意,卓利美提供的Erchang F12B APP产品和服务是按照现有技术和条件所能达到的现状提供的。江卓利美会尽最大努力向您提供服务,确保服务的连贯性和安全性;但卓利美不能随时预见和防范法律、技术以及其他风险,包括但不限于不可抗力、病毒、木马、黑客攻击、系统不稳定、第三方服务瑕疵、政府行为等原因可能导致的服务中断、数据丢失以及其他的损失和风险。

6.2用户须明白,卓利美为了服务整体运营的需要,有权在公告通知后,在不事先通知用户的情况下修改、中断、中止或终止Erchang F12B APP产品内的各项服务,而无须向用户或第 三方负责或承担任何赔偿责任。


7.1 未经相关权利人同意,用户不得对Erchang F12B APP的产品和服务涉及的相关网页、应用、软件等产品进行反向工程、反向汇编、反向编译等。

7.2 用户在使用Erchang F12B APP产品和服务时发表上传的文字、图片、视频、软件以及表演等用户原创的信息,此知识产权归属用户,但用户的发表、上传行为表明该信息对卓利美非独占性、永久性和可转让的授权。卓利美可将上述信息在Erchang F12B APP中使用,可在卓利美的其他产品中使用,也可以由卓利美授权给合作方使用。

7.3 用户应保证,在使用Erchang F12B APP的产品和服务时上传的文字、图片、视频、软件以及表演等的信息不侵犯任何第三方知识产权。否则,卓利美有权移除该侵权信息,并对此不负任何责任。前述第三方提出权利主张,用户应自行承担责任,并保证卓利美不会因此而遭受任何损失。


8.1 卓利美对于任何自本网站而获得的他人的信息、内容或者广告宣传等任何资讯(以下统称“信息”),不负保证真实、准确和完整性的责任。如果任何单位或者个人通过上述“信息”而进行任何行为,须自行甄别真伪和谨慎预防风险,否则,无论何种原因,卓利美不对任何非与本网站直接发生的交易和(或)行为承担任何直接、间接、附带或衍生的损失和责任。

8.2 卓利美不保证(包括但不限于):




8.3 基于以下原因而造成的利润、商业信誉、资料损失或其他有形或无形损失,卓利美不承担任何直接、间接、附带、特别、衍生性或惩罚性的赔偿责任





(5)用户基于在Erchang F12B APP中发布的广告信息,向第三方购买商品或服务;



9.1Erchang F12B APP产品中包含卓利美以各种合法方式获取的新闻内容或新闻链接,同时也包括卓利美或其关联企业合法运营的其他单项服务。卓利美将不时地增加、减少或改动这些特别频道的设置。

9.2 您可以在Erchang F12B APP中开启和使用上述单项服务功能。某些单项服务可能需要您同时接受就该服务特别制订的用户协议、使用协议或者其他约束您与该项服务提供者之间的法律文件。卓利美将以醒目的方式提供这些法律文件供您查阅。但一旦您开始使用上述服务,则视为您同时接受有关单项服务的相关法律文件的约束。




11.1本协议的订立、执行和解释及争议的解决均应适用中国法律。倘本协议之任何规定因与中华人民共和国法律抵触而无效,则这些条款将尽可能接近本协议原条文意旨重新解 析,且本协议其它规定仍应具有完整的效力及效果。本协议的签署地点为卓利美公司所在地北京市海淀区,若用户与卓利美发生争议的,双方同意将争议提交北京市海淀区法院诉讼解决。

11.2本协议可能因国家政策、产品以及履行环境发生变化而进行修改,卓利美会将修改后的协议发布在网站上。若您对修改后的协议有异议的,请立即停止登录、使用Erchang F12B APP产品及服务,若您登录或继续使用Erchang F12B APP产品及服务,视为认可修改后的协议。