WordPress 5.0.1 现已推出。 这是自 WordPress 3.7 以来所有版本的安全版本。强烈建议用户立刻进行更新。此外,还鼓励插件作者阅读 5.0.1 版本的开发者说明,以获取有关向后兼容的信息。

WordPress 5.0 及更早版本受到以下错误的影响,这些错误在 5.0.1 版中得到修复。对于尚未更新到 5.0 的用户,但在使用最新版本 WordPress 4.9 及更早版本,亦可升级到该版本。

Karim El Ouerghemmi discovered that authors could alter meta data to delete files that they weren’t authorized to.

Simon Scannell of RIPS Technologies discovered that authors could create posts of unauthorized post types with specially crafted input.

Sam Thomas discovered that contributors could craft meta data in a way that resulted in PHP object injection.

Tim Coen discovered that contributors could edit new comments from higher-privileged users, potentially leading to a cross-site scripting vulnerability.

Tim Coen also discovered that specially crafted URL inputs could lead to a cross-site scripting vulnerability in some circumstances. WordPress itself was not affected, but plugins could be in some situations.

Team Yoast discovered that the user activation screen could be indexed by search engines in some uncommon configurations, leading to exposure of email addresses, and in some rare cases, default generated passwords.

Tim Coen and Slavco discovered that authors on Apache-hosted sites could upload specifically crafted files that bypass MIME verification, leading to a cross-site scripting vulnerability.

获取 WordPress 5.0.1:https://wordpress.org/download/


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