A class conforming to the template of IITM for resumes.

Important Let me know if somebody from IITM wants to take over the repo and maintain it

This is the work of Siddharth Shekhar

If you end up improving it, please send a pull request so that all
of us can use it

This is a readme file that will help you to use the mycv

cls file so that you
can create a resume in LaTeX based on the standard insititute template

don’t forget to keep the logo

ps and the mycv

cls file in the same folder as
the one you are writing your

tex file in

Include the class file by typing \documentclass{mycv} To write your name, use \author{} To write your roll number, use \RollNumber{} To write your address, use \Address{} To write your phone number, use \PhoneNumber{} To write your email id, use \Email{} To create a new section with an underlined title, use \section{} To create the first level of indentation without dates, use \subsection{}

To create one with dates, use \datedsubsection{}

To create the second level of indentation, use \Point{
} Please stick to this format because I’ve adjusted the indentation for this
format and this will also make your code more readable so that you can easily
make changes to it later

To create the table for filling out the educational details, use \begin{Education} data \end{Education}

Note that the first row has
already been filled out for you, and you only need to start from the BTech


Also, data has to be filled in using \EduDetails{CourseName}{Institution}{CGPA}{YearOfPassing}

To create a two-column structure for filling in coursework, use the \begin{Course} data \end{Course} format

Note that once in the Course
environment, you use the \Point command as described previously to enter any
data that you need

You do not need to worry about the indentation or the
formatting or anything of that sort

The code should take care of it for you

Finally, to compile, use $ latex

tex (where is the
name of your

tex file) from the command line

You should already have the
latex command if you have LyX installed

If you run into any bugs/problems, either let us know through mail, or open
an issue in github

Yours, Siddharth Shekar ( sid


com ) Bharath M R ( catchmrbharath@gmail

com )

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